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Sustainable fashion is most definitely the future! We can have a HUGE impact on our planet by simply reusing our clothes!


The amount of clothes bought by a typical Western household produces carbon emissions equivalent to driving your car 6,000 miles! - which puts clothing in fourth after housing,transport and food in terms of its impact on the environment. Yet as a Nation we send 300,000 tones of unworn clothing to pollute landfills and destroy environments EACH YEAR  

Synthetic clothing is the number one source of micro plastics polluting our oceans. As an example The Great Garbage Patch in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean is already double the size of the state of TEXAS and is rapidly growing. 

With a rapidly growing population we simply CANNOT keep mass over-producing clothing and throwing it away carelessly. 


How we treat clothing has the potential to change our planet for the better

We focus on curating a collection of used clothing that is in excellent condition and deserves a second life so that it does NOT end up polluting our planet. 

The greatest benefit style-wise is that all of these great items are GUARANTEED to be unique. And you wont find yourself looking like a basic Girl/Guy because you just shopped at the latest Nike or Adidas sale.

Choose to buy pre-loved clothing instead of encouraging mass production! 


All sales are final and shipments are processed efficiently in 1-2 days

To see reviews check out my Depop store @culturetheshop which has over 300, 5-star reviews! 

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Email - rodinskomra@gmail.com